T-Charge as the Emissions Surcharge aims to cut pollution in London

T-charge as the emission

T-charge aims to cut transport pollution in central London. Because London’s atmosphere is much polluted due to transport. There’s something called buses and the underground.  You carry all the tools required by a tradesman to do his days’ work on the Bus or the Tube. The money will be re-invested into transport.  The job is in the congestion zone you can work the price into the quote. Or if your business relies heavily on business from within the congestion charge zone you will have to make a business investment, in a van which is suitable and not contributing to people’s early deaths. It’s not ideal but in the long run it needs to be done. If you live in a city, pollution is damaging you and your family without you even knowing. Therefore T-charge aims is very important for human beings. But we cannot be specific about where” – Tfl statement. Right Straight into general taxation in London to be spent on whatever crackpot scheme the Mayor thinks up would bet not a penny goes into improving air quality as is the stated intent of this tax. The government should compensate motorist who changed from petrol to diesel, the full price they paid. Not a measly thousand pounds scrap page. We were good people trying to save air quality. The government as usual shafted Joe public. No doubt you only get scrap page if you buy new car. Not everyone can afford to buy new.

On a recent BBC news it demonstrated that an older car was cleaner than a brand new one. T-charge as the emission surcharge aims to cut pollution in London and could save human life. Surely it should be based on MOT emissions which even new cars have to have before taxation.one of the biggest scams ever, the diesel emissions car scam, Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen and the two VW subsidiaries, Porsche and Audi, all colluded, to lie to customers, and as a result increased the air pollution in cities. Everybody should know diesel has always been more toxic than petrol, it’s raw, and less processed, it’s so sad that governments let this happen. Germany should be ashamed. Now what’s with the new T charge, to drive into London? It’s going to cost me £20 on the week days, per day, trapped in this rat race. So London is one off the most polluted cities in Europe so BBC say worse than Paris I find this amazing as so many cars in Paris . Only thing is they have some electric buses or is it just an excuse to tax more.  Labors tax on the very poorest in society who can’t afford new cars or electric yuppie vehicles, bloody disgraceful, get black cabs and buses off the road. Get air scrubber to remove particles. Use gas power vehicles.

It’s easy to improve air quality just ban all motorized vehicles from the cities and while we are at it let us make obese, alcohol, smoking, getting sick, and getting old all illegal that way the country would save billions of pounds due to  T-charge aim. These people must think the people are stupid, increasing prices only hits the poorest and does nothing to improve quality of life or the environment. It’s just another scam to raise more money.  London’s pollution is being tackled. 9000 people dying prematurely as a consequence of black cabs, buses and industry around. A world class city needs world class solutions.

It’s not the root of the problem. But he is ineffective to go after the real culprits who are the German car manufacturers who’s lies and collusion between all of them Audi BMW etc. This is an attack on the poorer residents of London in the name of environmental protection. People wouldn’t be driving older cars if they had a choice. Besides it makes no sense, a 1.0L 1999 Nissan Micra qualifies for the charge whereas a 3.5L 2004 Nissan 350Z is exempt, so how is the Micra more polluting than the 350Z.  A better idea to make rail and other public transport free or a lot more affordable?? I understand a while back the French made traveling on trains free or something like that. While there would be problems created on an already laboring rail system, surely it is a step in the right direction!! And would surely create more job and business opportunities when people don’t have to spend so much money on transport.

 If only taxes could be used to rebalance the market so that car companies that make cheap efficient or electric engines would have an edge, thus moving the industry as a whole towards clean energy. This government saying you have to pay between 7.00am to 18. 00pm but not at weekends or holidays these are the busiest times. So if you don’t have to pay at weekends or holidays you should not have to pay anything at any time. If you have too many tools for public transport I suppose you’re just going to have to drive around the congestion zone. Not ideal but neither is 50,000+ people in this country dying from air pollution due to T-charge as the emission surcharge. Because T-charge aims to reduce the pollution in London city. I could go along with this if they tested one of ALL new cars properly to ascertain exactly what they are pumping out. Testing the most popular cars first. I bet they pump out a lot more than the manufacturers own up to. Then we would have a level playing field instead of making decisions on wrong information. Very Interesting thing earlier saying the T-charge emissions test introduced in the not so distance past to combat fumes from cars at an extra cost on the MOT. So if older cars are to pay more to go into cities are having to pay twice. T-charge is the money taking in will obviously be used to clean up the atmosphere then.

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