Teen dies after being crushed by gym weightlifting equipment

weightlifting equipment

Teen boy dies after being crushed by weightlifting equipment accident at gym. This is sad but 100 KG (220 pounds) is not that heavy. Parents should not be allowing access to Weightlifting equipment until the lifter has reached a certain level of maturity and experience. Did he have must safety clips attached to both ends of the barbell? A person have reached failure halfway in a bench and press on several occasions during early days, but he would tilt the bar to one side and fall off the plate so he could regain control of the barbell. However, some gyms insist on members putting safety clips on barbells for every exercise. If you have safety clips on, there’s no way you can slide the plates off by tilting to one side. Safety clips become Danger clips in such situations.

Such a tragedy. This is a good reason to use proper weightlifting equipment in a gym. A power rack or bench press with safety bars is crucial, particularly if lifting alone. Having a spotter is not enough to prevent injury from dropped weights. A spotter can only catch the bar when the lift fails slowly. Failures such as a bar slipping out of a hand, a torn muscle, etc. happen too quickly for a spotter to catch the bar. Some kid who clearly doesn’t even lift attempting to bench more than his body weight in the smith machine! Insane. He was too young to even be allowed to use the weights! This is what a lack of physical education gets you; and in mean actual education. Not what we call PE, which teaches you nothing. Weights are dangerous and you shouldn’t touch them. If you want to stay healthy, you should just use Herb life and drink up to 1 pint of water a day. But gym weightlifting is very important for fitness.

Why did he not have a spotter during weightlifting equipment at gym? you don’t lift those kind of weight without a spotter so sad if only there was someone there with him he would of been alive today never lift big weights on your own on the bench press that’s the rules thoughts go out to his family they must be gutted. He should of had someone spotting him at least with that kind of weightlifting  always have someone with you when bench pressing to be on the safe side weights can be dangerous if you lift to heavy you should lift only what you can.

The bench press is the most useful exercise for building raw upper body strength, and the people saying that machines or dumbbells work just as well do not understand strength training. That being said, gym weightlifting equipment also the most dangerous exercise in the gym for this reason if you don’t follow the safety rules. The rules of the bench press. 1: Have a spotter. 2: If you don’t have a spotter, use a power rack. 3: If you don’t have a spotter or a power wrack then you can still bench on a flat bench, but don’t collar the weights so you can dump the bar if needed. 4: Always track the bar with straight (locked) elbows. 5: If you don’t feel like following these safety standards then don’t bench. Period. The press (aka overhead press) is a more complete upper body exercise anyway and you can use that instead. I hope that everyone will take these to heart and avoid another tragedy like this one.

Most of us went to the Gym to be in better shape or to strengthen certain muscles that we use in the sports we do, but when we realize how strong we are and how much power we have, then we become more satisfied when we succeed in heavier gym weightlifting equipment, then the goal becomes different, the shape we wished to have or the muscles we exercised to strengthen becomes no longer the goal, it turns out to self-challenging daily activity all revolves around building mass muscles no matter what it cost and gym weightlifting equipment heavier weights regardless the damages to could possibly happen to our muscles.

Sadly most of those who go to gym they care less for their health, they are having their muscles contracted most of the time which makes their body motion not as smooth as it should be, due to skipping the stretches before and after their exercise. If you are new, never lift alone. If you don’t have anyone around you, try weightlifting dumbbells instead of barbells. Worst case scenario, you drop the dumbbells but barbell will lay on your chest until someone comes to left it. I think there needs to be a serious talk about ego lifting.  I feel bad for him and his family. It should be common sense though to never lift alone regardless of age, strength or exp. Even if you don’t have a spotter specifically, there should always be at least 1 person with you. I don’t lift, surely, a 5 yr. old could beat me in arm wrestling, but even I know that. I’m curious as to whether it was a school facility, gym or what. Most places won’t allow a teenager without an adult. Even schools.  I’m fairly disgusted that a young boy has died, and most people are thinking about how much they can lift, and proper technique.  I think this news indicates that the advanced and futuristic equipment in the gyms should be at par with the height, weight, size and age of the individuals to avert the recurrence of such incidents. The gym membership cards should have all the relevant details of a particular member and members should only be allowed to lift the weight as programmed during the orientation. Else they can seek special permission from the gym staff or wait until next day for super sets especially when an invigilator is around.  RIP and may God bless his soul. Supervision is a must in any Gym for weightlifting equipment.

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