Florida launches rescue HUMANITARIAN CRISIS in Irma’s Aftermath

Humanitarian crisis raise in hurricane after devastating but its America, supposedly one of the richest countries in the world. I somehow doubt that compared to a country like Sudan or Bangladesh it can be described as a humanitarian crisis. It is high time that the Donald Trump’s America come forward to talk about Climate Change atmosphere alongside other countries. Things can be pacified on taking such actions right now to save the world and its people and animals. In this Hurricane not only the humans suffered but also many animals have been killed and plants are destroy due to the drastic reckless natural disaster. Think about it.

 Florida launches rescue “humanitarian crisis” to awake Irma’s aftermath. We are feeling the impact here in Bay Area. HUMANITARIAN CRISIS are very Heavy wind gusts, loud thunderclaps, drizzling here and had never witnessed rain in early September since my years of stay in the USA. Entire Naples and Jacksonville is under water. It has shredded the insulation. We can’t carry on our regular chores here too as the weather suddenly changed. This is really a big one. Something was not right with the weather here also this time. Some areas here recorded 116 degree F for 5-6 consecutive days destroying all the grapes on the vines yet to be harvested. It’s sick to see people make light of death and destruction just because it was in America. As if Americans don’t hell others when they need it. Our government has its problems, but at least when your country suffers a disaster, you don’t see us in the comments trying to justify your deaths and property damage.  Think the Caribbean has it worse. St Martin is totally devastated. You can barely take off to another state from one of those islands. Feel so sad for all the people that have nothing left. Praying for them all.

 America is always first to help other countries’ humanitarian crisis in need and I don’t see them now holding out their hands begging for help and money for they are a proud nation and will sort out their problems themselves but maybe some compassion and the offer of a little help wouldn’t go astray. .it sure is a natural cycle exacerbated by human environmental choices. Of course I can’t claim to know everything about climate science but if qualified scientists can accurately predict/forecast hurricane strength, paths etc. I can trust them about climate change science wouldn’t trust businessman (Donny) to educate me on climate science.  Please donate to the Florida hurricane relief efforts to help support the people affected by this natural disaster.

 You don’t hate any religion or any country. As a country, India has a diverse culture and a huge population. Yes, we do have our problems and we are trying to sort them out. It’s not easy. But things will improve for sure. Plus, India is a growing economy. Yes, we are not as affluent as US, but we are not beggars. As far as Florida is concerned, the hurricane has damaged property. Most people have already been evacuated. If you people boast of being rich and independent, then replacing the property should not be a problem. We should always to help humanitarian crisis in need. Talking about me in a hurricane, let me tell you, the Indian east coast suffers due to multiple cyclones every year. The people there are not too well off. They are poor fishermen, small traders who don’t have cars and means to live and flee in times of disaster. Still, the disaster management force works to provide as much relief as possible. Why I made that comment was because I believe that God has his own ways of bringing things on a level ground. I wish instead of boasting and showing off their wealth, the people of US look at this crisis as a chance to reflect upon themselves and what their country has been up to. Can you imagine the condition of Caribbean islands, Cuba, Barbados? They didn’t have a chance or means to flee? They are devastated. That’s hardly in the news. And here we are talking of Florida day in and day out. This natural calamity should wake you up to the perils of the manmade disasters. In Florida, people will get their lives back. The Syrians, Libyans, Yemenis, Afghanis won’t. So instead of bragging, start paying attention to everything that is not US. Stop being selfish. Show some gratitude. Thank God for giving you this life. Not everyone is so privileged. Most people don’t have time to hate US coz most of them are just busy trying to survive and protect their families. Be humble and show gratitude. Stop crying. There is very important to launch rescue about humanitarian crisis in natural disasters.

Don’t forget that Americans are human beings. They certainly do not deserve sufferings just because the US Government decides to rescue humanitarian crisis ti arise in Irma’s aftermath. Let’s all pray for the welfare of those hit by Harvey, Irma, I sympathize with the victims and displaced people. Please remember other people in the world die from man-made crises like planned wars in the Middle East and the tragedy that taking place every day. Therefore Florida should launch to rescue the humanitarian crisis that is very important for human beings.  Entire countries are completely destroyed and millions of people fled their home for their own lives. Think about people die from hunger and malnutrition in Africa and poor countries. We should keep in our mind that people of America are also human being beside there are so many Indians and people from other countries reside there so we can at least pray to God for their better livelihood.

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