Earthquake: Drone reveals aftermath that struck Mexico, killing 90 people

In Mexico earthquake all the people suffering in this disaster. Natural disasters and civil wars everyday people struggles to live, eat. When you know of this. How can we ever not appreciate even just being able to walk freely and sit to dinner or sleep in a bed? May we help those who need our help and care for them. As we are all one family. May we one day realize this.  We are the fortunate ones who have been shielded from all of the struggles, strife and natural disasters that have occurred and will continue to occur. We are so blessed and always appreciate our blessings and good fortune on Mother Land. We wish upon all those that have struggled, suffered and grieved because of all of the natural disasters many blessing to come upon those that are deserving here in the near future! Blessed be to ALL the good beings fighting the good fight to bring light and goodness into this world.

 You have all heard of the earthquake that has struck Mexico. The state of Oaxaca has experienced massive damage, particularly in the Isthmus region. Many of you know Punch Ikots founder and artist Carlos Morocco, whether through classes or lectures in Chicago, or contact with him in Oaxaca. In addition to being an artist, Carlos is an indigenous rights activist and organizer in Oaxaca. He and his family are organizing a response, to bring aid to affected communities in the Isthmus, where they are from. Friends in Chicago have organized this GoFundMe campaign to help them out– more details can be found in this link. Please check out the campaign, donate if you are able, and spread the word.

 The Earth is changing, volcanoes active, earthquakes and storms. It’s going to take a lot of love and compassion to care for everyone going through these disasters. 85 yrs. is nothing in the terms of geology, and planet earth on average has one or two 8 magnitude quakes per year, this quake was the biggest this year sorry for any losses and prayers for all. I can say last night the earthquake could have been a lot worse, I was in the earthquake of 1985 in the city and it last it for may be a couple minutes but for me last about 30 minutes that bad it was I used to live in the second floor of my building the oscillation movement made me go from one side to another I fell once, windows glass broke everywhere, neighbors screamed all over, lots of people died and many buildings collapsed as the result of this, you can see how little we are when mother nature sneezing.

JESUS Christ spoke about earthquakes, storms, flood, war and many more wonders thousands of years before evaluations theorist were born. He said these will be signs that the time is near for his second coming. Repent and believe in true gospel of Jesus Christ and will be saved. There’s actual irrefutable scientific evidence that Jesus existed? Please name all these scientists and historians who “have already proven” that Yeshiva, the supposed son of god, did exist. Cite their research and findings. And please ensure to only list the findings from people who aren’t theologians. Scientists have proven the existence of Jesus and his crucifixion. They most certainly have not proven him to be the son of god.  But verifying his claim that he was the son of a nonexistent god is another matter! The whole story of Jesus is just a re-telling of the much older story of the Roman god Mithra.

The worst wasn’t in Mexico City by the way. It was in Caiaphas & Oaxaca. That’s where the help is need the most and the dead is amounting. My heart goes out to all those dealing with the earthquake. Frightening times for many places facing natural disasters. Earthquake, fires, floods, crazy times. Maybe Mother Nature is punishing America for not signing the environmental act that everyone else signed. Because Mexico tried to feed us and help us during Harvey now they’re being punished along with us… are we even going to try to help them and return?

My heart and prayers go out to Mexico and all her people. May we see thousands of miracles for these people and their Country as they were so willing to step up and give aid to the U.S.A. during our hurricanes? That’s a really serious quake. It’s amazing that so relatively few people have been killed, though of course I commiserate with the families of the lost people. It’s painful because if know that, so many families are losing their houses and the kids must watch a real nightmare in front of their eyes. I’m praying in my way for this affected people to be helped as much as they need.

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