Hurricane Irma: Looters are caught on camera as the storm hit Florida

Hurricane Irma: Disgusting behavior, if they were looting food and water I’d understand but I fail to see how several pair of Adidas and two flat screen TVs are lifesaving. Fits in the list of worst kind of criminals. Not only are they simply stealing, the owner of the store may have had his home destroyed, and the store being his only source of income and thus only way to rebuild his life. Every item you steal, makes it that much harder for them – they worked hard to open or run a store and you’re only pushing them deeper in the hole of misfortune. They’re all black! Worried about tennis shoes & clothes & wasting gas to loot when people are doing without food, electricity & gas. People have died in this storm and they’re more worried about stealing useless crap.

How on earth can human being be so cruel to another fellow human being and the irony is that they all blacks. It’s a disgrace and they need to bow down their heads in shame. That is the result of capitalist system, where 90% resources are controlled by 10% of population & vice versa. People can be behave like good human being if there are lots of checking on them, i.e. cameras, police, penalty law etc. But if there basics are not fulfill by system then they will cross every limit to get their desire necessities. So, we should also worked equal distribution of Capital & labor + moral values in general public.  9 black people get arrested for stealing and maybe twice as many did not get caught and a bunch of internet trolls want to blame the actions of a few stupid people on why black people in this country are treated with racism and discrimination. Everyone’s bubble is going to break sooner or later. Enjoy living in it while you still can.

Why is it that if I steal something I’m just a scumbag who has let myself down but if a black person steals something he’s let himself down, he let his race down and he’s not doing anything good for his cause? Why are black people expected to shoulder the responsibility of all the wrongs that other black people do but they are seldom credited as a race when other black people excel?  If they are looting something like water, or supplies, it will be understandable. But I don’t understand looting of bunch of shoes…. What will someone really need shoes for in a disaster?

So I would understand taking food, water, or medicines. It’s natural to panic and try to get as much of the essentials as possible but trainers and televisions?! Putting their lives and the police in danger! As well as taking advantage of business owners who had to leave their shops.  How disgusting these people are. When everyone is impacted by a storm, when there is concern to keep everyone safe, some take advantage and take from the rest. Looting takes not only from a store owner, it takes from the insurance company who covers it; premiums go up and so the cost of merchandise for everyone! Selfish and criminal. Those types of mentalities people is disgrace to society and their cultural backgrounds. They love moments like these to tear down people. They thief and do nothing beneficial towards their lives because they believe in thieving all they dam life. I don’t like know thief. Set of disgusting thieving contagious rats. Wrong on every level. They wasn’t destroyed they tear down the compound to loot. Sneakers cannot eat. Either food whatsoever. The place belong to someone. To enter it is wrong.

sad to see that this news feed has dredged up so much hate in the world from racism to having a go at the poor and the not so name calling people making light of it like sitting on the fence, never really understood why most people of this planet including my self-allowed segregation and being dictated to about how we run our life’s because in the end we are all born under the same roof. We need to take a serious look at ourselves as a species. We’re falling apart fast. The worst part of this sorry isn’t the looting. The worst part is that human beings felt the need to document and share this story. Let the police deal with this situation. Let them make the necessary arrests without a social media spotlight. What is the outcome of sharing this story on social media?  Why are they all black? I thought it was only ‘white men’ who were responsible for all terrible stuff that ever happened and happens every day.  The Black community always complaining about law enforcement instead of bringing up their children in the right way and teaching them how to respect the wider society. How insensitive can people be? Do they really think they can get away with this? Make wanted posters from these pictures and track them down! Throw them in jail and throw away the key. I have no sympathy for able body people who want to stole, a person go inside truck while cutting through my fenced in yard, yeah no sympathy at all. This is so sad. How can people be so senseless by taking advantage of a disaster to loot private businesses?


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