Hurricane Irma: Florida strengthens for storm arrival near southern Florida

Hurricane Irma: Florida is currently undergoing the largest evacuation in United States history. Millions of people are fleeing Hurricane Irma, the most powerful storm to ever make landfall in North America. Now imagine if no other state would take them in. Imagine if Georgia and Alabama built walls to keep them out. Imagine if we forced them to stay put and drown. Sounds evil, right? And yet this is what we do every day all over the world, from Mexicans fleeing the violence of the drug cartels, Syrians fleeing a civil war, Yemenis fleeing forced starvation, Palestinians expelled from their homes, to Roaring fleeing genocide in Myanmar.

The greatest tragedy is the impact of this storm on so many extremely poor villages and towns on the Caribbean islands and Cuba. These people have had everything in their life drowned and blown away. Prayers for recovery. To lose so much when they don’t have a lot to begin with, is heart breaking, lovely people in Cuba but many are so poor. And still Cuba chooses to send hundreds of doctors to other countries hit by the hurricane. They should strap climate change aerialists to trees in the path of this hurricane. See how much of a hoax climate change is then. I know that people are going to lose their homes, livelihoods and even worse their lives. But please spare a thought for the British holiday makers whose holidays have been ruined. I even heard that there ten people crammed in one room for protection and one poor guy hadn’t eaten for 8 hours.

Even after the hurricane passes, the water will continue to undermine the houses and buildings – setting back the reparation process. But the vast majority of the media coverage will concentrate on Florida, not the poor islands which have been devastated. Believe it or NOT, there are many of us here in the USA who DO care about Cuba! Perhaps our news stations aren’t saying much, but that doesn’t mean the good hearts here aren’t feeling badly for the souls in Cuba. Do YOU really care or are you just “trying to make a statement”? My heart breaks for these people. Thank God for the bravery of those risking their lives to rescue. My prayers will continue. Mother Nature or Global Warming ,World Scientist who eats most Dolphins ?Condolences to all families affected to date ,who faced Storms of its own kinds High SEVERITY injuries and losses of lives. May God, Give the strengths and let them be blessed.

Climate change lobby about capitalism NOT weather…Climate change itself is an ongoing process between planetary forces and atmospheric conditions. Science behind the curve…colorful charts telling us when to run Doesn’t cut it when you think of what has been created in other fields…work on technology to disrupt hurricanes over the ocean…we should be able to engineer weather in ten years. DARPA should be tasked to come up with weather engineering technology. They have sources to take people out of those areas before it got hit by storm. I wish someone could take out those people and children babies in Iraq / Afghanistan/ Syria when Americans were attacking there. So many people died and children / babies women … no one went to save them. They were waiting to die. Can anyone feel their pain and their fear?
Well if someone felt it was a God.
Comparing to that, this is nothing.

As you may know, the Virgin Islands amongst other islands was hit by Hurricane Irma really badly. As it stands many are still unaccounted for and they really need all the help they could get. It is possible that power will not be restored for another 5 months. Most are either homeless or the houses are not in living conditions. These are some links to be used for donations. Any help that could be given is greatly appreciated. I am working to find a port of entry so that food can be sent as well. If  they must not spend billions rebuilding these hurricane hit places as they will always have this sort of weather there so move everybody away to safer country that don’t have hurricanes as it’s a waste of time going back there as they will happen again.

Why the forecast for this hurricane has been so awful over the last few days in terms of direct impacts on populated areas. It was not supposed to hit the NW Caribbean islands, then it did. It was not supposed to hit Cuba then it did. It was supposed to make a direct hit on Miami, now it isn’t. If these type of predictions can’t be made with any accuracy two days in advance then how can you be pushing doom and gloom climate scenarios 50 years into the future? Are the climate models really that much better than the hurricane models? Hard to believe since global climate is probably a much more complex system than the hurricane steering currents.

Each time there’s a natural devastation, my mind goes to Paris Climate change accord which Donald Trump and his dumb followers refused to sign.45 should come back to the Paris Climate change accord table and discuss the real courses of natural disasters. And they won’t get much help from other countries because they’re “Cuba”. I pray for them and all affected by these hurricanes.  I hope that now Trump consider to sign the Climate Global Change Agreement. In the future the hurricanes will be more intense and powerful like “Irma”. My prayers and thoughts for the people and families affected with this hurricane.

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