See before and after photos shows how Environment Change

Environment change is surprised. I can’t believe that there are large groups of people who deny this change environment when the evidence is right then there for all of us to see. Remain Calm and realize that how climate change has been happening since the global earth formed, and we have little to do something with it and can do nothing about earth. The glaciers melted due to climate change before burning coal. Being environmentally concise and cleaning up what we mess up is what we should do about earth. But, to think that we can stop the warming of the earth is fallacious. I believe climate change is and has been in progress for many years. I cannot get my head around how gullible some people are about this. Our life span is what, 100 years at max? Why are people in a panic? Global climate change and evolution do not start and finish in 100 years so signs of either are so minuscule that they are barely noticeable. If you take photos of certain landscapes at both ends of the spectrum, and try to sell it to people as climate change, you will get the very panic mode people are in now. They do not tell you that the arctic now has 30% more ice than it did 20 years ago, but they will show you big chunks of ice breaking off the main shelf in the middle of summer.

This is one of many examples over the globe. Look at Glacier National Park in Montana. People are quick to look at short term instead of long term trends here. Just because your town is experiencing a colder or wetter than normal year does not discredit climate change. Climate Change and Weather are two completely different things. People are just very uneducated and close minded if they are denying a change in climate. 358 Million Years ago the mean concentration of atmospheric CO2 was 800ppm 3X the pre-industrial level. Explain that, did amphibians have cars too? To say humans are the sole cause of global warming is ignoring what is actually happening, and is very ego eccentric thinking. The fossil record shows that the earth consistently has undergone warming periods, followed by the collapse of the carbon cycles and major glaciation events.

The World is constantly changing. To say it is man’s doing is the debate. During the days of the dinosaurs. Carbon Dioxide was a 1000 times greater 4.0% and Oxygen 35%. If Carbon Dioxide drops in half, all plant life will die. Carbon Dioxide is plant food. The Ice Caps are melting on Mars too. It’s a Global Tax.

Meanwhile, Uremia Lake of Iran gained 30 cms water (depth wise) this year, after drying up for so many consecutive years. More than climate change it was about how they had managed that how the water pouring into the lake. Not to say climate change is not happening.  Just to say when it comes to lakes and their shrinkage, there are always some matters of human involvement which can be managed better.

The hubris of the global warming movement is in how it regards science. It is often represented that the science of climatology only grows, it does not backtrack. But, if contradictory new evidence suggests that modern science has made an extremely major and ill-informed mistake, what should be the corrective action? In the case of the Global Warming Movement its politics at play and there is no room for reconsideration. Rather than back-track and work through science to rectify the error in the theory, the science “purist” is attacked as a heretic. The hubris in the extreme. Very little research has ever been funded to search for natural mechanisms of warming climate it has simply been assumed that global warm changing is man made. This assumption is easy for scientists since we do not have enough accurate global data for a long time to see whether there are natural warming mechanisms at work or not.

The environment is always changing and has for millions of years. The earth’s climate changes all the time too, case in point the so called ice age. Here where I live normal snow levels has returned the last two years. Fact is we are close to breaking even old records when so called climate change was not even a thought. Back in history, does anyone remember the dust bowl that happened, that too was a so called climate change? The earth changes even if man did not change it to what man’s destructiveness, but that Greenland looks like a summer and winter shots, man stops the natural changes by blocking it with paving and walls and cutting down forests that bring rain fall, most of the earth was covered in icy frozen areas after a dry very hot era then it thawed and it take tens of thousands of years to get back to the dry era again, but it will freeze over again just like thousands of years ago, you cannot pay nature to stop doing her cycles you just have to stop killing forests and changing the land escapes.

This planet has changed cycles for billions of years. And to have these idiots tell us it’s our fault that things are getting warmer is absolutely crazy because it’s not true Lake Michigan is back to normal level there’s more ice in the north than there has been in years where do they get their stupid ass information they don’t they make it up to pull money from your pocket. You should watch your own shows. What On Earth is a show that looks at weird things spotted on satellites? They investigated this lake and found that the Russians diverted the water that fed this lake into another place for better irrigation where people live. Usually not that much of a problem, but the island in the middle is where they conducted chemical and biological warfare experiments that was inaccessible until the lake dried up. It has NOTHING to do with global warming. Your article is biased in hinting that it might. We cannot stop Global warming or climate change. But we can learn to adapt to it through education, combating ignorance, and last but certainly not least, over population. Mother earth can only sustain so much.

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