Every year a Pod of Dolphins escape from Taiji facility in Japan

Taiji is one of the main places these animals come from to entertain humans all over the world. They are hunted for hours. Brutalized, torn from their family or forced to watch as family is brutally killed. The ones that remain alive (and traumatized beyond belief) are then starved, trained, then shipped on planes and other (which also is horrible) to be placed in what would for humans be a bath tub filled with chemicals in an environment that is far from peaceful for the rest of their lives. BECAUSE of us. And in the name of education and money. 2 dolphins out of thousands that go through this hell hole escaped through cut net which put all cove guardians in jeopardy (they of course would be first to look at) and are not involved. We as humans need to really wake up. When we know better we do better. It’s time. No nets, no hunts, no tanks, cages and the list goes on. Let’s make This the year humans wake up. Followed by 35 beautiful souls slaughtered last night after the incident and the other half the pod driven back to sea. A family destroyed. Absolutely heart breaking been following Taiji a very long time now and the horrors of the cove are just vile absolutely inhumane and cruel. Like the rest of the industry they earn very little for meat off them and the majority of slaughtered dolphins are used for fertilizer and pig food it’s vile. They are not killed humanly they are stabbed over and over again until they start drowning then they are pulled under the skiffs and the job finished off. Absolutely heart breaking.

A red cove overnight, 30/35 dolphins slaughtered in The Cove. The pod were split in half, families torn apart, dolphins caught in the nets trying to reach each other, juveniles that aren’t slaughtered driven back out to sea with hardly any chance of survival. Before Xmas the hunters were drowning these poor creatures when they fought to stay alive.

“Exposed them to danger” what about the 35 dolphins they slaughtered last night they didn’t care about those?, what about the 76 bottle nose dolphins they’ve taken captive from the ocean in this season alone?, what about the hundreds of dolphins they’ve already slaughtered this season?, what about the fact that the dolphins they’re supposedly caring for are being starved to make them beg for food? They only care that they’ll have lost money because of the ones that got away. Those dolphins will be OK they were wild a matter of months ago. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they’re kind and compassionate they will soon replace those dolphins with more they steal from the ocean! If you want to see what Taiji Dolphin Base does to get those dolphins stick around, watch the drive hunt process, see families get destroyed, watch the waters turn blood red, watch pod members having to swim in the blood of their family it’s all covered up. They are clearly taken from the wild…just like most of the dolphins in captivity are. There is videos, websites etc. that show where they dolphins come from and how the rest of their families are slaughter. As for the idiot saying who ever cut the nets exposed them to danger is talking site. They were already exposed to danger when they captured, starved, stole them from the wild, abused them and slaughtered their families, all just to make money off them for human entertainment. Maybe there should be more coverage about what really happens in Taiji between the months of September and March to the poor beautiful creatures to let people see how the dolphins they see is captivity get there.

Torn from the wild to be placed in a fish bowl abused and starved and made to do tricks for human entertainment its sick. As for the ones who were drove into that killing cove who weren’t as ‘pretty’ slaughtered in their families’ blood and for what abet of cash that their government and police are all in on disgusting! Never visit a park or attraction with dolphins as entertainment Sea World and Disneyland are just a few! As for the Dolphins being exposed to danger because they got out? What a joke they’ll either die from stress of the abuse or die and early miserable death from being in captivity morons.

It’s a horrible practice that can be changed. The Japanese do not need to hunt whales and dolphins for food. After WWII there was a food shortage and they began to hunt more of these creatures for food. Nowadays this is not necessary any longer. As far as tradition goes slaughtering whales and dolphins can be changed. The Japanese are smart people and they do know better but they prefer to just satisfy their own needs. They’re doing this to the dolphins and whales for their own selfishness.

I had dolphins follow the boat I was on last month it was fantastic to watch them …they need to be protected, very graceful. Whoever cut the net good luck to you? Don’t buy a ticket to watch captive dolphins. Anyone who thinks the Taiji drive hunts are for food are sadly mistaken. It’s all about taking captive these poor creatures, fed medicated fish to break them, then to be sold on around the world for $’s. Hardly tradition if the Japanese ban some Cove Guardians from entering the country as well.

These beautiful creatures only returned because their lives and ability to save themselves had already been destroyed. I really hope those responsible for their capture and captivity pay the price one day soon. While I am a happy meat and fish eater, I personally wouldn’t eat dolphin, however we in the west do seem to have a problem with people eating what we would consider either a pet or an intelligent animal, I’m as guilty of this as everyone else but it is a double standard. Hate these people and their ways they make me sick and I wish other countries would stop dealing with them until they stop slaughtering everything that move dolphins are so lovely and intelligent, leave them alone u morons.

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