The year of conquering negative thinking is surprised

This piece is everything. I have been working on how to alleviate my depression, anxiety and the related negative thought patterns for almost two decades. I now do exactly what this piece suggests and it is starting to work to dislodge very entrenched and painful patterns. I’ve recently started seeing some “movement,” after years of mindfulness training (yoga and Insight meditation), gestalt and core energetics therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. This has meant learning to feel and identify my thoughts and feelings instead of trying to avoid them or be ashamed of them, accepting them, and then challenging the distortions inherent in my often obsessively anxious or depressive thoughts when I’m feeling bad. It’s difficult but seemingly effective. Here is another possibility for people of faith or otherwise: If a person of faith: pray that the target of negative thoughts may do well and mentally declare your love for them in the Lord. If a person of no faith, wish the person(s) well for the sake of harmony and goodwill.

It is so hard but it starts to work after a while. I also just started listening to depression/anxiety sleeping hypnosis videos on my IPad on YouTube at night. Some people have been fighting with OCD since they were a child. But now that they understand their worries and insecurities are merely the fruit of an anxiety disturb, they can control it better and have a way deeper understanding on how their thought patterns work. It’s a tough journey, but you can get stronger because of it. Plus, it’s known that people with anxiety problems tend to have better analytical skills, thus being smarter than average. Find the positives in the negatives

Same with depression – negative emotions need to be felt and expressed and people should indulge by allowing themselves to wallow. First thing avoid reading the News the most negative disrupted practice you can do if you have the paper use it to start a bond fire you will be free of all negatively just knowing it is going up in flames be happy. Regarding politics for example. You’d have to be an apathetic, brain dead person to not be stressed, unless you’re a rich white guy. Other stressful topics like job loss, or catastrophic health issues are not helped by simple rumination. It’s perfectly understandable that a political scenario might be threatening or stressful, but we can practice cognitive skills to move towards a more helpful approach to what’s happening. I meant ‘wallow’ as in allow yourself to feel the emotion and explore it, rather than trying to avoid it/ run away/ be scared of feeling it. Feeling the fear can alleviate the fear and allow you to see that it is only a feeling – which will pass.

Licensed psychologist here – not sure I had advocate wallowing. I promote Explore, work to accept (pain is a natural part of life) or re-narrative (I grow and learn from pain), then move through the negative emotions. Revisit as needed. But wallow and/or ruminate (everything is bad and will always be bad) sometimes leads to hopelessness/pessimism/apathy which can be very dangerous for someone with depression.

Finally, whatever is true noble, right, pure, admirable and power if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about such things? A person was in therapy and we talked about ANTs. Automatic Negative Thoughts. There is a lot you can do to combat them and it is imperative for your mental health to do so. your observation that you personally know a religious person who is very negative demonstrates that those of us who claim religious affiliations of any kind, are often flawed people very far from the ideal of what believing in God should effect in you. The key is to keep on trying being positive for the reasons that motivate you.


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