China launches first freight train services to Britain

Great idea but set the gauges to the same and also get commercial passenger bullet trains running direct services from Europe to China  that would increase tourism in both directions. UK now newest Chinese state after Trojan train delivers 100K Chinese troops to the heart of London. This is wonderful rail history in the making. Forget the gauges-trains can adjust to them. 18days to go transcontinental to UK is awesome railway news. And traversing some of the most inhospitable areas on earth too. It would cost China way too much to defeat the various alliances militarily as they stand. It is much easier to gut their manufacturing base so that all would be very reliant upon Chinese product and it will take years if at all to rebuild. The loss of the various trade skills is what would really hurt. They are making a land route while getting ready to block a major sea trade route.

As the point of entry to the UK will probably be through the Euro tunnel – why is there any more increase risk to immigration problems than there already is – you got just love those with such a positive negative attitude to things.. Human traffic is a problem full stop. This equation won’t change that but just look at how some people focus on the negativity. Having traveled from Russia to China via train, I can tell you, that if there are any problems with human traffic, it won’t be on the Russian/China border because their police don’t mess or take chances and I was double checked at least four times on that route.

As though UK doesn’t know to build trains, having so many smart heads in UK why do import from China. Everyone these days, eat china, wears china, drinks china, now transport china, already some African countries are using planes made in china. This simply means power and business have moved to china. This will make UK’s GDP growth to negative. But will have more savings on earning for middle class. So GDP PPP may increase a bit. Not quite an “express” though because it has to change trains — but that’s the best we could do for now. To those who think we can/should standardize the gauge, well, we might as well build a brand new rail because this is how much it is going to cost. Chinese trains are as expensive to ride on as British trains are. I wonder if Chinese trains are always as late as British trains, one thing is for sure gone are the days when British trains and its networks were the best in the world.

I don’t understand why people are so negative. This is doing nothing new to what’s already happening- whether trafficking or goods import. And as for everyone’s joke about China product. China produces both good quality and low quality stuff- China has saved consumers by giving them the choice. If you can’t afford it- buy the low quality for less but don’t blame them when it’s low quality. But I think the train should travel back with British produce.

More manufacturing gone to China. Can’t wait for the post brexit free trade China deal. Should take China less than a year to flood a small place like Britain with plastic rice, fish fed on human waste, and dodge electrics and cheap clothes. They own the seas, the air above Made by China islands. Our nearby container port. All I seem to pick up is made in China. Their containers are seen on road haulage Lorries daily so why not the railways Well, from the capital of province Henan, my hometown. Anyway, hoping this plan can bring benefits for not only China but also to prosperous many landlocked countries that are lacking of harbor to do business. Would be great if someone standardized the Eurasian rail network. Imagine a direct high speed train Glasgow Central to Shanghai.

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